Loans at Money Maxx are quick and easy.

You need to be 18 years old with two pieces of government-issued ID (one with a photo).



Money Maxx offers loans based on whatever collateral you can provide.

Read more in the following FAQ : 

How much money can be borrowed?

We lend a percentage of the resale value of the collateral.

We loan on a variety of items including gold and diamond jewelry, musical instruments, TVs, blu-ray players, video games, current smart phones, computers, power tools and more…

Gold and diamond jewelry is determined by today’s current markets. Electronics are valued by current demand. The newest latest models will be valued higher than the older models. Major brand names hold their value over cheaper generic brands.

To maximize the loan value, have all components with the item such as remote controls, cables, chargers, etc.

How quick can I have my money?

Money Maxx offers a convenient and easy way to get cash fast! Most loans can be written up in minutes.

How long is the loan good for?

Money Maxx does short term 30 day loans. We continue to hold all items 30 days after the loan has expired, additional charges may apply.

If you are unable to pay back your loan on its due date, you have the option to extend the loan for an additional 30 days by paying the interest on the loan.

How much do I owe when I repay my loan?

We loan cash for as little as 10%. Loans picked up in the first 7 days will be discounted by 50%. Minimum $5 charge applies.

Loans over $100 are original amount borrowed + 20% interest
For example: $100 + 20 = $120

Loans under $100 are original amount borrowed + 25% interest
For example: $40 + 10 = $50

Can I have multiple loans?

Yes, each loan transaction is and individual 30 day term. There are no limits for the number of loans you can have.

What happens if I default on my loan?

If the items are not reclaimed after the loan and hold period they will become property of Money Maxx.

Can I sell merchandise to Money Maxx?

Yes, we pay cash for your used items, government ID is required.